Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Comfort Rule

Sometimes, full-bust bloggers can be a little preachy. We call this Bravangelism and while it has its place, it can be completely misplaced at times too. Sometimes we can be a little too set on the rules that work for us and insisting that those rules should work for everyone. It's just that we are so excited about helping women find the right fit that we can be overbearing and forget that we are really here for one purpose - to make women more comfortable. 

 The comfort rule is probably the most important part of bra fitting. If a woman isn't comfortable in her bra we haven't done our job right and we've only added ourselves to the long line of unsuccessful fitters in her past. Even though her measurements may put her in a certain size, if she doesn't like it she needs to find a different bra. No one should be forced to wear a bra that hurts them. 

Every bra enthusiast has their own set of rules. Bras I Hate and Love has a post in which she defends the "plus 2" method of measuring for the band. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust measures her underband at 35 so she fluctuates between 34 and 36 bands. I personally find I'm more comfortable when I don't add inches to my 34 inch measurement and though I wear 34's and 36's I often find that I get more support from my 34's. The problem with these rules is that they don't take into account each wearer's preference and comfort. While I may not be adding inches, you may find that you're more comfortable adding a few inches to your band. Some women may measure their cup size by averaging several measurements (like standing and leaning forward) and some may take just their standing measurement. I have had readers tell me that my bra is covering too much of my chest when I knew that the bra I was wearing at the time was giving me major quad-boob and looking awful under a shirt. 

The most important thing to remember as a bra wearer is that if the rules aren't working for you throw them out! Not all bras are created equal and just because a bra says it's a 30 band doesn't mean it measures exactly 30 inches. The band may run loose or tight and you may need to size up or down accordingly. Freya's bands tend to be very stretchy and you may want to wear the next size down. Tutti Rouge and Parfait have run small in the past and you might want to size up. What matters is that you're comfortable in what you're wearing. After all, you're going to be wearing it all day, not the fitter. Wear what feels right to you. If you like bras that give plenty of cleavage wear those. If you like bras that cover you wear those. If you're full on top and your bra gives you the dreaded quad-boob (even though it's the "right size") then size up. If the bra is too shallow or if it's digging into your sternum, or if it's giving you crazy east-west boob or if you just plain hate it, don't wear it. It's your body and your bra. Your comfort is the most important part of your fitting experience. 

So fitters, be patient with the women you're helping. You're trying to give them a better experience than they've had before. Listen to them and meet their needs. 

And ladies, never let anyone force you into a bad bra. You're the one wearing it and you should be comfortable in it.  


  1. Love this post!!!

    The comfort thing is why I love the subreddit /abrathatfits. Its sizing guidelines are so detailed and helpful, and they really emphasize how all the measuring is just a starting point.

    But I think the reason why we emphasize snug bands is because women who have been wearing a loose band their whole lives need reassurance that yes, they can wear a smaller band size! Yes, it should be snug! But at the end of the day, the snugness needs to be comfortable for the bra-wearer.

    1. I agree. I have 34's and 36's in my drawer and I definitely prefer the smaller bands. I get much more support and much less shoulder pain that way. Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and I have almost the exact same bust measurements but she prefers to wear a 36. It's all about the wearer.