Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best Black Bras for 2014

Every woman needs a black bra, or two, or ten. A well-fitting black bra is as essential as a pair of jeans or a black dress. And with Valentines day coming up now is a great time to look for a nice little black set that will make you feel confident no matter what your plans are.

Here are my top ten choices for black bras this year. I've organized them by category so you can pick the bra that best suits your needs.

1. The Every Day Bra -  Deco by Freya

Nothing beats the cleavage boosting ability of the Freya Deco. This bra is lightly lined so its smooth under t-shirts and thin dresses alike. Women everywhere are in love with this bra and it's no surprise - there just isn't another bra out there that gives the beautiful shape and lift of the Deco. Retailing at $60 this bra is a great investment because you can wear it every day. It comes in sizes 28 D-G, 30 D-GG, 32-36 B-GG and 38 B-G.

2. The Full Coverage Bra - Envy by Panache 

A few weeks ago I stopped in at A Sophisticated Pair in Burlington, North Carolina and tried on a dozen bras. My absolute favorite from the the day was the new Panache Envy. Designed like the old Andorra Full Cup, the Envy has lower side wires (no more stabbing in the armpits) a full side panel and stretch lace at the top to give a nice shape without cutting or gaping. It looks as pretty in full sizes as it does in the small ones and is a great bra for an every-day demure look. It also presents a beautiful round shape from the side. My only complaint with this bra was that the gore was a little wider than I like but I didn't find it to be painful. If you're thinking of transitioning into the world of unlined bras this is the place to start. It retails for $60 and comes in 30-38 D-K.

3. The Vintage Bombshell  - Idina Balconette by Panache

The Idina is a new style for Panache that draws on the lacy styles of times past. It's lightly moulded cup is overlaid with a large-pattern lace which gives a good level of support while still offering some vintage sex appeal. If you want to look sexy without sacrificing comfort the Idina may be a great pick for you. Sexy enough for a night in but comfortable enough for a night out. Bravissimo is offering a pre-order for the bra which is due out very shortly. And at only $45 it's less than you'd pay at your local bra retailer for a bra of the same style. This bra comes in 30-38 D-J and is also available in plunge and moulded styles (albeit with more limited size ranges.)

4. The Babydoll (Under H) - Lola by Curvy Kate

Every woman needs to own one piece of lingerie that makes her feel effortlessly sexy. The Lola by Curvy Kate does just that. Curvy Kate has made a beautiful babydoll that wears perfectly under your little black dress or all by itself. This bra translates beautifully on small-busted women and will look the best on you if you wear a size under H. Undressed to Impress presented a lovely review of the Lola and it looked fabulous on her. Unfortunately, in larger cup sizes (as seen in Fuller Figure Fuller Bust's review) this babydoll struggles with shallowness and the bottom of the cup tends to be empty and/or collapsed. It retails for around $60 and is available in 28-40 D-K.

5. The Babydoll (Over H) - Alexis by Parfait

Although Parfait is new to the over H scene and they initially struggled with sizing issues, they have managed to turn out a beautiful line of over H offerings. The Alexis is one of those. Undersung and outshined by it's cousin Charlotte, the Alexis is one of the few babydolls that looks as pretty in a JJ as it does in a FF. Miss Shapen of Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed gave a beautiful review of the babydoll complete with plenty of pictures in a a fun Beauty and the Beast theme. The Alexis looked stunning in a 30JJ and made me instantly change my mind about wanting it. If you're looking for sex-appeal and support the Alexis is your go-to gal. It's available in 30-40 D-K. Retailing around $65 it definitely won't bring you buyers remorse.

6. The Strapless - Deco Shape by Freya

I tried on this bra a few months ago and found it to be absolutely stunning. The long line support gets 'em up and keeps 'em up. If you're looking for the perfect strapless to go under your strapless dress look no further than the Deco Shape. Following the lead of the original Deco, the Deco Shape gives the same round shape and lift and holds your girls high on your chest. One thing to note about the Deco Shape is that it is slightly shallow on the bottom. So if you have plenty of lower projection you may want to order two sizes - your normal size and the next size up to make sure you get the right size. If you tend to wear the Deco despite being sized out you'll probably find it won't work as well on you due to the lower shallowness. However, even if you're slightly sized out of Deco and you need a strapless I'd still recommend giving this a shot. I've never experienced such great support in a strapless until I tried this. Retailing at $60 and coming in the same size range as the original Deco, this bra is worth your boobs' weight in gold. (It also comes in white!)

7. The Vintage Bond Girl - Dominique by Fauve

If you're a fan of Dominique Derval you're certain to love the Fauve Dominique. This half-cup bra features beautiful vintage embroidery print that looks like it stepped off the set of a Sean Connery era Bond film. Fauve stops their sizing at GG but if you're in their range, take a few minutes to browse their gorgeous, sexy selection. If you want this particular bra you can find it on Brastop for less than $45. As a bonus, this bra also comes in fire engine red to turn up the heat!

8. The Foreign-Born - Szykus by Ewa Michalak

Let's take a moment to talk about Polish bras. I've talked about them a bit already here and here. (You may also want to read this post as well.) Polish bra companies are flying past American and British companies leaving us disoriented in the dust. With offerings up to an N cup and plenty of choices in both lined and unlined cups, brands like Ewa Michalak and Kris Line are defining the new normal. It's time that American and British companies start examining the styles and seams of their Polish counterparts and responding in kind. The Szykus from Ewa Michalak is but one of the beautiful, functional offerings from the brand that serves more sizes than any other. If you haven't already, google their name and use Google's translate engine to browse their collection. And then check out Curvy Wordy for some excellent reviews.Prices will vary depending on location but it comes in almost any size you could ask for.

9. The Cleavage Booster - Rhea by Panache Masquerade

Women everywhere are in love with the Rhea claiming they've never seen their cleavage look that good. The open shape of the Rhea allows for lift and boost for busts that may not have it naturally. If you're looking for a great padded bra with a lot of boost you should definitely take a look at this one. Prices on this bra vary from $50 to $80 so you'll have to shop around for the best deal. It comes in sizes 28-38 D-H.

10.  The New Girl in Town - Lolita by Sunday Intimates

Sunday Intimates is a highly anticipated American Bra company. It's so nice to finally see an American bra company doing it up right. Brand new to 2014, their offerings are overwhelmingly vintage - like Joan Holloway in Mad Men. Lolita is made of a stretch satin that mimics leather and comes in 4 sexy colors. This is definitely a dress to impress kind of bra. If you want to find out more about Sunday Intimates you can check out my blog post here.

That's it folks! There are my top ten bra picks for 2014. If you have any questions or don't know where to buy these bras you can always send me an email at

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hey, I'm behind on my blog reading, and just noticed you linked to my review here. Thanks so much for the mention! This is a lovely list; I wish more of them came in my size!